Faith or Finances?

Like most mornings, I was out the door for a morning run before the sun came up, and this morning was no exception. About 10 minutes into my run I found myself in a neighborhood I had never been before. It’s a gorgeous secluded and private neighborhood just a few minutes from where I live. To put it lightly the houses were amazing especially in the dark where the street lights and the exterior lighting really make the houses come alive.

I found myself gawking at the exterior beauty of these gorgeous homes and estates and found myself wishing that I could have just one of these homes, if only to sell it from the profit. “What could I do for God and His kingdom if I had that type of money?”

It was at that very moment the Holy Spirit brought Psalm 50 to mind. I had read this psalm a month ago and that verse had stood out to me, "God owns the cattle on a thousand hills". Basically, God owns everything and I was just then realizing I was in a fight for control of my heart. Just because my motives to do something good with the money was right, my faith in God was being tested. My temptation was to test God rather than trust God. "God if you really love me you would give me this money," I thought. I then asked myself, “Would I be willing to give up a walk of faith with God for a transfer of money from man?

With that question, I began to recall all the times God has led me through difficult seasons of the soul to green pastures with Him, even if those green pastures didn't always equate to more money. There is no way I would trade my walk of faith with God for a few million dollars from God. Because if God already owns it all, when the time is right He will provide the means for what ever He is calling me to do. What an incredible lesson of faith in my finances God allowed my to realize this morning.

God wants you and me to learn to be happy and content with Him in spite of the situations thrown at us, even if we are just worrying about a financial future we can’t see.

Why do you think you long for financial security over God's security?

Why are you so easily drawn away from a walk of faith with God for the security of a bank account? 

If there is one step of faith you need to take today in your walk of faith with God, what would it be?